About us

The Van Berde Group is a recognizable brand in road construction which focuses on quality and eco-friendly solutions. Today Van Berde supplies products for improving road safety and ensuring safety at roadworks sites not only in Poland, but also in Eastern and Central Europe.

The company was established in 2005. The corporate headquarters are in Tuszów Narodowy, Poland. The main Van Berde warehouse is also there. Located on the highway near the intersection of major transportation routes it is convenient in terms of delivery and picking up goods from the warehouse.
Van Berde uses renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic panels provide the buildings with electricity and a heat pump heats water and regulates the temperature in the offices and warehouses.

Use of recycled rubber and plastic in the manufacturing of road sign bases is an environmentally friendly solution as well. Production of road sign bases initiated the development of the wide range of road safety products at the factories of the Van Berde Group.
Currently, we offer 30 bases of various types, weight and purpose. Annual sales are 400,000 items (i.e 10,000 tons of recycled plastic and rubber). We manufacture the products in Poland and Europe, using innovative technologies based on sustainable development. Rubber elements are made of recycled rubber. For our factories old tires abandoned by the roadside are the material to be used for the production of speed bumps, which slow down speeding cars, thus improve road safety.

Our full offer is over 300 items, which include: speed bumps, cable protectors, parking separators, traffic islands, signs and barriers for safety at road works.
To provide a comprehensive customer service, a new company, VB Traffic, was established in 2010 to add more products to Van Berde's offer. The product range included road mirrors, lamps, active pedestrian crossings, batteries, temporary signals and other equipment for road works. Many electrical components of VB Traffic have eco-friendly solutions, such as photovoltaic power supplies, which reduces CO2 emissions and raises awareness of renewable energy sources and options for their use.

Van Berde is looking to expand into the European markets.

Since 2010, the company has opened new branches to ensure success for business.

In 2010, SIA Van Berde, a Latvian branch, was established, a year later UAB Van Berde Kaunas in Lithuania – it specializes in production of plastic elements, and in 2014, Signalizacija and Oprema in Croatia. To complete coverage in Central and Eastern Europe, VBT Holeczech in the Czech Republic was established in 2019 and it has become a leading supplier of road construction components among the Van Berde branches.

All road safety equipment undergoes technical assessments regulated by Polish law. Electronic equipment has CE and EN certificates.

The company currently exports about 70% of its production, which is the result of cooperation with major road construction companies across Europe.

Jarosław Zubiel


Commercial Director

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e-mail: jzubiel@vanberde.com.pl

Jarosław Pogoda


Financial Director

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Anna Bratek

Marketing Department

Sales Department

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Monika Olechowska

Import - Export Department RUS/IT

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Marzena Paluch

Accounting and HR Department

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Małgorzata Szastak

Accounting and HR Department

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